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The purpose of after school enrichment programs ​is to provide a safe and supportive environment ​where students can develop academically, ​socially, and emotionally through diverse ​activities, fostering personal growth, skill ​development, and a sense of community.

Experimental Grainy Gradient Decorative Circles


Dance and Performing Arts inspires students to explore ​and develop their talents in dance, theater, and music. It ​offers a dynamic and creative environment where ​students can express themselves through various ​performing arts disciplines. By participating in ​performances and collaborative projects, students build ​confidence, enhance their skills, and learn the value of ​teamwork and discipline. The program encourages ​artistic expression and fosters a deep passion for the ​performing arts, helping students to grow both personally ​and artistically while preparing them for future ​opportunities in the arts.

Music Empowerment & Enrichment

The Music Empowerment and Enrichment Program is dedicated to fostering students' self-esteem, ​academic performance, and social skills through the power of music. This inclusive program provides a ​structured environment where students can explore their musical talents, participate in group ​performances, and engage in community service. By integrating music theory and practice into daily ​activities, the program enhances cognitive abilities, promotes teamwork, and encourages positive ​behavior. Through performances and mentorship, students build confidence, develop a sense of belonging, ​and prepare for future success both academically and personally. Offered at no cost, the program ensures ​broad accessibility, making it a cornerstone of our commitment to comprehensive student development.



Creative Expression encourages students to ​explore their artistic talents in art, music, drama, ​and creative writing. It provides a supportive ​environment for self-expression, building ​confidence, and enhancing creativity. Students ​develop critical thinking, collaboration, and ​communication skills while fostering a love for ​the arts.


Academic Support enhances learning by ​providing tutoring, homework help, and study ​skills workshops outside regular school hours. ​Our dedicated educators help students improve ​academic performance, build confidence, and ​develop critical thinking skills in a supportive ​environment, ensuring every student achieves ​their full potential.

scientific discovery

Scientific Discovery engages students in hands-​on experiments to foster curiosity and a love for ​science. It provides a stimulating environment ​for exploring scientific concepts, developing ​critical thinking skills, and inspiring scientific ​inquiry.